Expiry date on skincare products: the truth!
At Terre Verdi, we are passionate about quality and transparency. We would therefore like to answer a question that often gets asked:

Question: How can we tell if a product we are using is still fresh?

Answer: It is close to impossible. European regulations say that if a beauty product will be good for 30 months from the manufacturing date, there is no need to disclose the expiry date, and the PAO (period-after-opening) symbol is sufficient. It looks like the image below, with the number of months written on it. The number of months refers to how many months after opening the product will stay fresh for.

Firstly, the fact that there is no expiry date on skincare products is misleading to the consumer, as most people don’t know how long they can keep a product in their bathroom cabinets for, after purchasing it. In addition, a product could have been sitting on the shop shelf for months, or even years, and nobody would know. Imagine purchasing and drinking milk that has gone bad.

Secondly, most products on the market are packed with preservatives to achieve that 30 months threshold, so an expiry date would not be necessary.

As such, education is key. For products that do not list an expiry date on the label, I suggest to look for a batch code on the label and contact the manufacturer to find out how old the product is, by giving them the batch number. There is a bit of work involved, but this way you rest assured of the freshness of the products you want to keep using.

However, the best way is to purchase products that disclose an expiry date. For instance, our products always show an expiry date to give our customers peace of mind.