For Alessandra de Gregorio, founding Terre Verdi represents a powerful way to return to and honour her roots, as well as to share her values with the rest of the world. Growing up in Sicily, Alessandra developed a close affinity with nature and its formidable bounty, learning to love and respect everything it offers us. After living a fast-paced life in both New York and London, Alessandra decided to slow down and relish the joy of bringing up her four children and caring for her family. In the process of doing so, she rediscovered her love of all things natural, and redoubled her homegrown respect for nature and the environment. For her beauty needs, Alessandra turned once again to her native Sicily for inspiration. Using the essential oils from her childhood home, and from elsewhere in the world where nature was equally generous, she set about creating the products you find on this site in order to fight the effects of stress, ageing and yes, motherhood. Her own family uses the products on this site. How about that for a vote of confidence?

Seeing that the essential oils helped her skin retain its elasticity and firmness even while pregnant with twins, Alessandra decided this is a gift she must share with a world that is, all too often, full of chemically-laced concoctions whose claims of helping us are dubious at best. Upon reading a few labels more closely, Alessandra saw that most products are loaded with chemicals whose main role is to prolong shelf-life – not help our skin and our body.

Encouraged from early feedback from friends and family, Alessandra turned her homegrown beauty products into a business. Terre Verdi was born.

The Terre Verdi logo represents the de Gregorio family crest and embodies Alessandra’s commitment to bring to you her closely cherished family values of love and respect for nature, integrity and a desire to share the best that her region can offer with the rest of the world.