Camellia oil, a beauty!

Less than one year ago, a customer asked me if I was using white tea oil in any of my formulations. She mentioned her age and I could not believe it by the look of her young-looking skin. She told me that one of her secrets is the use of face oils, and in particular white tea oil.

So, I started looking into this oil and its properties to possibly incorporate it into my range.

Whilst there are over 100 species of camellia flower, white tea is made from the camellia sinensis, a well–known variety. The camellia flower is a stunning flower and comes in different colours, too.

Camellia oleifera is another variety, whose seed oil is also used in cooking. Both fruits of camellia sinensis and oleifera are composed of several sections, with each section containing less than 10 seeds. The seeds are then used to make the unique white tea (or tea seed, or camellia) oil.

White tea oil has been used widely in Japan for centuries for cooking, but it was later incorporated into the daily skin and hair routines of Japanese women. Its great skin properties have reached the interest of people outside of Japan only in the last few decades.


The camellia oil is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, as well as vitamins (especially vitamin E), and minerals, makes it a nourishing oil for the face and neck area. The low comedogenic rating (ability to clog skin pores) makes it a good choice for acne-prone or oily skin and its properties of medium shelf life make it a great choice for water-based creams.

Camellia oil contains 85% oleic fatty acid, an Omega 3 mono-unsaturated fatty acid; therefore it is light on the skin and easily absorbed. It is perfect as massage oil, especially on sensitive skin and it lies at the top of my list for pregnant women and babies. The very light odor makes it ideal for blends, where essential oils are usually added.

So, yes, this oil has won my heart and it has been incorporated in the Terre Verdi products for its properties and uniqueness. And we now also offer organic camellia oil as a single product as well, certified organic and cold pressed.